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Royal Alexandra Theatre

The Royal Alexandra Theatre is a national historic landmark – the oldest continuously operating legitimate theatre in North America and the continent’s first truly “royal” theatre, granted official letters patent by Edward VII entitling it to the royal designation, along with his permission to name it after his consort, Alexandra. Built in 1907 by Cawthra Mulock (Toronto’s “boy millionaire”), and designed by John M Lyle, it is a masterpiece of beaux-arts architecture that also holds distinction as the city’s first steel-framed structure (allowing cantilevered balconies), one of the first “air-conditioned” buildings in North America, and the first theatre to be deemed legitimately “fireproof”. Its proscenium-stage has seen almost 3400 productions since its opening and has been graced by such legendary performers as John Gielgud, Mary Pickford, the Marx Brothers, Edith Piaf, Paul Robeson… to name just a few.

Info at a Glance

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Width 37' 10" Clear height SL 31'
Proscenium Height 35' 5" Clear height SR 31'
Plaster line to back wall 37' 0" Plaster line to 1st lineset 1' 10"
CL to SL 37' 3" Plaster line to apron edge 3' 1 1/2"
CL to SR 35' 1" Apron edge to orchestra pit rail 5' 7"
CL to SL Fly Gallery 25' 4" Depth of smoke pocket 6"
CL to SR Fly Gallery 25' 2" Plaster line to Dress Circle Rail 39'
Plaster Line to last lineset 33' 0" Plaster line to Balcony Rail 43'

Stage Information

Rigging System: Joel Theatrical single purchase counterweight system, 5 - 1/4" diameter 7x19 galavanized aircraft cable lines per batten, underhung loft blocks
Number of linesets: 57 on 6" centres 1' 6" structural space between 17 & 18 and 44 & 45
Location of Operation: SR Fly Gallery  
System pipe length: 48' 0"  
Arbour Capacity: 1000lbs  
Weight Available: 15,000lbs  
Maximum out trim: 70' 0"  
Distance from deck to walking: 74' 4"  
Trap Size: 4' x 6"  
Trap Location: See Drawing  

Electrical Information

Stage Lighting: 3 x 400 amp 3 phase located in basement
Sound : 1 x 200 amp 3 phase located in basement
FOH Circuits: all circuits terminate in stage pin connectors in SL loading aisle  
Total circuits: 56  
Auditorium boxes: 8 to each 1 per side
Balcony rail: 20  
Dress circle rail: 20  
Auditorium "Box Booms": 8 to each 1 per side

Technical Info and Agreements:

Royal Alexandra General and Technical Information Packet


Royal Alexandra Fly Schedule


IATSE Local 822 Hair, Make Up and Wardrobe Collective Agreement


TMA Local 149, Toronto Musicians' Association General Theatre Agreement


IATSE Local 58 Stagehands Collective Agreement 2021 - 2026


Technical Drawings: (available in pdf, vwx and dwg)

Royal Alexandra Plan 17.01.18 (pdf)


Royal Alexandra Section 17.01.18 (pdf)


Royal Alexandra Plan and Section 17.01.18 (vwx)


Royal Alexandra Plan and Section 17.01.18 (dwg)


Seating Plans

Royal Alexandra Theatre Seating (pdf)


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